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Thank you so much for considering to support me and my music! I will be releasing lots of unofficial subscriber only releases and videos. Sign up and you'll get all my current and future releases, exclusive subscriber only demos and recordings plus the knowledge that you're helping me in a sustainable way to keep creating great music to you to enjoy! You also get 15% off all merchandise. I've got plans to record an official album every year plus live tracks and demos, all will be (hopefully) beautifully crafted timeless songs recorded to sonic perfection.

Plus you can come and chat with me, I'm very friendly! :)

The initial fee is only £5 a year to say thanks for being an early trend setting subscriber. Once you've signed up, your fee will never go up but I'm planning on increasing the yearly fee for new joiners as my discography grows. So join now and keep your yearly fee at £5..... forever! What a bargain eh?

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Ross John Martin
Newquay, UK
Ross John Martin plays beautiful acoustic music.
As a teenager he battled with an illness called M.E which left him temporary in a wheelchair. Whilst growing up with the illness he found refuge in a love for the guitar discovering folk talents such as Nick Drake and John Martyn which helped him battle his illness. Overcoming odds and an awakening of the soul are a theme in his songs.

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